Thursday, 20 March 2014

Loving crackle paste.

Ooooo crackle paste.....what can I say?

It's added a whole new dimension to my texture backgrounds which I'm loving. This one is Golden and from A Sprinkle of Imagination and I think it's the best. It looks as though it should be heavy on a page but no, in fact it's quite light.

After I'd left it overnight to dry properly and come back to it the next day to add colour, the cracks really started to come out and I spent a few minutes just looking at it. Yes ok that sounds pretty sad, but I was just  so gobsmacked at how cool it was.

If I'd spread it a bit thicker the cracks would be even wider but at the time I had no idea how thick I needed it to be. Next time I'll layer it on thicker and see how it looks.

Jaine x

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Claireliz said...

This looks great Jaine, loving the hot pink.
C xx