Thursday, 31 October 2013

Remember Remember.

 A very English tradition which comes straight after Halloween is Bonfire Night or otherwise known as Guy Fawkes Night. On the 5th of November it commemorates the time when a chap called Guy Fawkes (I've left a link there if you didn't know it) and a band of rebels tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London in 1605. They were discovered and so the plan never came to fruition but since then we've remembered it with bonfires and fireworks (traditionally with a 'Guy' on top of the bonfire). 

As my parents owned land behind the houses on our street, in the days leading up to 5th everyone would bring out bonfire materials and on the night itself gathered in my Dads field with fireworks and food.

It was a fun evening which I looked forward to for weeks. 

This months Sarah Hurley challenge is 'Bonfire brights' set by Sharon so I thought I'd create a journal page to remind me of those times. 

I used spray inks and texture paste through Sarah's Chevron Stripe stencil but in my hurry to get it done, I dried it with my heat gun and the paste bubbled up leaving this puffy finish which I think is rather cool. I also used the Doodle Home stamps and bits and pieces from Septembers kit club box. 

Do you have any memories of bonfire night or any other home staged firework displays? If so I'd love to hear it. 

Lots of love

Jaine x


Claire Newcombe said...

Hi Jaine, what a poignant memory. I looked forward to bonfire night each year until I left the UK, and feel sad I can't carry the tradition on with my own boys.

I didn't miss a night, it would be a night that my sister and I would walk to our local firework display with Dad (mum didn't like the cold!) in Milton Keynes, and walk on the roads (LOL! it was exciting as a child) because so many people flocked to the display roads were closed. Red nosed a rosy cheeks we would get back home late - we loved it.

I love the colours and the glow you have achieved Fabulous design.
Claire x

Kate said...

Great page Jaine. Love the fireworks glow you've achieved. I don't remember celebrating Guy Fawkes night in Australia but definitely remember "cracker night" which was in June.